Lyme Disease is coming for us, and it’s not pretty.

Did you know that Lyme disease is in every state and that hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed with it every year?  Before I was diagnosed with Lyme, I believed it to be easily treatable with antibiotics.  I knew that it might cause some minor arthritis, but I was just under the assumption that you’d go to the doctor, get some medicine, and be cured.  Boy, was I wrong.

People are dying from Lyme disease, and the CDC and news agencies are lying to you.  Please look at this petition and SIGN IT.

Lyme Disease will be affecting you in the future, one way or another.  It is spreading quickly throughout the U.S.  Students are even hearing about its spread in high school classes, yet the press and government agencies deny that it is a major problem. Veterinarians are putting up informational posters in their offices.  It can cause major, irreversible organ damage.  It can cause otherwise healthy people to need a “caretaker.”  It can take people away from their jobs, their volunteer work, their social circles, and their day-to-day necessary tasks.  So why is it that this disease is being taken more seriously by veterinarians than the CDC?

To put it bluntly, the doctors in charge of the major research have been using unethical methods to try to profit off drugs, and they have patented a vaccine that actually hurts the research subjects.  These people who have actually taken the Hippocratic oath are intentionally harming people.  They may have once had good intentions, but those went by the wayside decades ago.  The CDC is still playing along with them.  It’s scary that such an evil has been allowed to play out in our country.  How many lives have been ruined?  How many deaths could have been prevented?

The pain, physical and mental, that Lyme patients and their families and caregivers have had to endure is unfathomable. The millions of dollars spent by these people to treat these problems should be paid back in full by the Lyme deniers, doctors, and so called “experts” who pushed this under the rug and caused so much devastation to families for literally decades. The pain that I feel as I write this makes me upset enough that, if I had the energy, I would incite an angry mob to storm the houses of these doctors with torches and pitchforks.  I pray for the souls of these people.  If a just God exists, there will be hell to pay for these doctors in the afterlife.